Places of Respect

Get Excited... NOW! is a new website-backed IRL community dedicated to in-depth discussion and analysis of current events and contemporary world views. We are a collective of mindful individuals hoping to find a community of answers to life's questions and to make the contemporary world accessable to everyone.

Respectful and Inclusive

In response to recent popularist movements, and an emerging 'culture of loneliness', we see an urgent need to transcend social boundaries and bring those on the fringes together. This is an ambitious goal and will require patience but will be facilitated by using clearly stated goals and modern interpretations of network theory.

Preparing for the Singularity

Technology is accellerating exponentially, and along with this is an inherent unpredictability. This can seem scary to many people which can lead to poor preperations and even rejection and conflict between the old world and the new. It is important that we present our ideas in a language that is conducive to being easily consumed and as such, translation is a major component of our work.


Science is great, but sometimes it is slow and boring. We want to bring the creative and exciting back into rational explanations and explore the boundaries between technology and humans or science and magic. We will use mathematics to explore aspects of religion and spirituality as we prepare for the most drastic of transformations to the human condition.

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